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February 22, 2024

Dear Members,

First, a BIG THANK YOU to the 78 THVMWC members that completed the salary survey.  All of the submissions were and still remain anonymous.  Unfortunately, RCAC was  4 households short of getting to the 78% survey response that was needed to meet the State Water Board requirements for an “official” Median Household Income Report.  As a result, RCAC had to use the maximum income default value of $1 million for each of the additional 4 households which very much skewed the average MHI upward!!  The good news is that even with the extra $4 million of income added in, MHI for Twain Harte Valley MWC owners is 66,780.  This is about $500 below the State Water Board’s cutoff so we remain a Disadvantaged Community (DAC)!

So what does this mean for THVMWC?  It means that being identified as a DAC opens the door for THVMWC to obtain long-term low-interest loans and grants to make needed water infrastructure improvements. As many of you know, we desperately need to refurbish or replace one of our aging water tanks on Quaker Lane (about $150K), the main distribution line between the Quaker Tanks and Sierra Pine (about $60K), replace a very leaky distribution line on the south side of Middlecamp-Sugarpine Road (about $75K).  These are our highest priority projects and with the DAC confirmation, THVMWC can obtain long-term low-interest loans or grants to do so.  This will help keep all of our water rates lower.

The final report is posted to our website for all of you to check out.

Again…Thank you to all the members that participated.  We appreciate your interest and concern for keeping our little water company operating well and continuing to avoid being merged with the much more expensive TUD system.


Kind regards,


The THVMWC Board of Directors

THVMWC Median Household Income Survey 2024.pdfTHVMWC - Monthly Water Production - FY 15-23.pdfTHVMWC-Consumer Confidence Report 2023.pdfLead and Copper Report 2023.pdf