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Dear Members,

We have two announcements to make…

First, our THVMWC community water usage is at its all-time high. It has been brought to our attention by our water plant engineers that in the history of all the years we have been a water company, this past June has doubled in water usage.  This could mean a few things. There could be one or more leaks in the system.  We are working hard to fix all leaks that we find, but there could be some on your property that need to be reported and fixed.  There has been an increase of full time residents in our community and an increase of short term rentals which could also be contributing to the increase of water usage.  Please report all water leaks that you may find within our Twain Harte Valley community and be aware of your water usage by continuing to conserve. 

Water is life!

Second, as discussed at last year’s members meeting, our water rates will be increasing 2% this year effective this July.  If you are paying you water bill with autopay, kindly adjust the amount with your bank.  The new rates are as follows:

·         Monthly:  $70

·         Quarterly: $210

·         Semi Annual: $420

·         Annual: $840

If you have any questions or concerns, kindly email us at or at 209.586.0476.

Thank you.

Twain Harte Valley Mutual Water Company